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Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act

This resource provides important information about BABA Act requirements, guidance documents on the waiver and comment process, and the full list of USDA waiver requests. If you use USDA funds […]

Tower Climbing safety videos

Here you can find some tower safety videos on how to insure your tower technicians are working safely. For more videos on tower safety, click here.

IP addressing tools

The following tools can aid you while assigning IP addresses: The IP Subnet Mask Calculator enables subnet network calculations using network class, IP address, subnet mask, subnet bits, mask bits, maximum […]

Tribal Broadband Bootcamp 03 Virtual Session 2 - IP Addressing and Fiber

This virtual training video discusses some basics of IP addressing and then moves into a discussion about planning for a fiber network.

Tribal Broadband Bootcamp 03 Virtual Session 1 - Introduction and Internet Basics

This training video from the Tribal Broadband Bootcamp provides basic internet information.

Millennium Geospatial Design Guide

For information on Cable Sizing and Routing, Slack Loops , Conduit and Underground Structures, Strand and Aerial Placement, Splicing and Fiber Assignments, Multiport Service Terminal (MST), Aerial Drops, Underground Drops, […]

Fiber Optic Project 101

Why Fiber Optic Networks are Preferred •Virtually unlimited speed, limited only by the equipment you place on the ends of the fiber •Can carry signals for long distances –Undersea fiber […]

Fiber Optic Testing Tools

•The visual fault locator is required and they are cheap.  It is tone and trace for fiber. •The light source and power meter aren’t required, but are useful as it […]

IP Addressing Routing
Fiber splicing

Fiber Optic Splicing •Fiber optic cable is spliced one optical fiber at a time •Recommended technique is to fusion splice fiber –Fusion splicing melts two ends of bare optical fibers […]

Wireless Networking in the Developing World

“This book is a practical guide to designing and building wireless networks in local communities, enhancing lives through improved communication, access to information for educational, social and economic growth. Its […]

DIY Wireless ISP (WISP)

This guide is focused on the very earliest stages of starting a WISP - determining feasibility up through connecting the first few customers. It includes step by step information.

CAD drawing requirements

When working with contractors to build a network you will want key network information documented and drawn. Here are some requirements that should be included.

Example of terms and conditions from Merit network

Here you can find an example of terms and conditions for working with contractors when constructing fiber networks based on the Merit research and education network in Michigan.

Fiber Optic Association Reference Guide

This is the FOA's Guide To Fiber Optics & Premises Cabling. It includes almost a thousand pages of materials created by the FOA covering the basics to advanced topics on […]

Neighborhood Network Construction Kit Do-it-ourselves Guide to Community Networks

The Neighborhood Network Construction Kit is a set of documentation resources from the Open Technology Institute. Open Technology has used these tools in workshops around the world and in the […]

Progress monitoring tool

The purpose of this worksheet is to draw out the best method(s) to measure the progress of your project. The digital worksheet can be found by clicking here.

Wi-Fi and wireless networking for community anchor institutions

The Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition suggests that supporting Wi-Fi and wireless networking for community anchor institutions is crucial. Community anchors include tribal government buildings, community centers, schools, […]

RFP (Request for Proposals)

Here you can find an example of a RFP Checklist to ensure you have all your technical requirements. Here you can view a feasibility study for a request for proposal: […]

Technical Guide to Dig Once Policies

Here you can find a pdf document to "Technical Guide to Dig Once Policies" from CTC technology and energy engineering and business consultants. *Remember it is important to map locations […]

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