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Tribal Broadband Bootcamp 03 Virtual Session 2 - IP Addressing and Fiber

This virtual training video discusses some basics of IP addressing and then moves into a discussion about planning for a fiber network.

Tribal Broadband Bootcamp 03 Virtual Session 1 - Introduction and Internet Basics

This training video from the Tribal Broadband Bootcamp provides basic internet information.

Fiber Optic Project 101

Why Fiber Optic Networks are Preferred •Virtually unlimited speed, limited only by the equipment you place on the ends of the fiber •Can carry signals for long distances –Undersea fiber […]

Glossary of Internet Terms and Acronyms

AAP Address Allocation ProtocolAD Area DirectorADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber LineAPI Application Programming InterfaceARIN American Registry for Internet NumbersARP Address Resolution ProtocolAS Autonomous SystemASN Autonomous System NumberASP Application Service ProviderATM Asynchronous Transfer ModeBCP Best Current PracticesBGP Border Gateway ProtocolBoF Birds of a FeatherccTLD country code […]

Internet and Network basics

Here is a in-depth presentation on internet basics and networks in general presented by Seattle Community Network.


For information on “When to utilize different bands of spectrum” by Gerald Thunderbird-Sky click here. For additional information on data and the benefits of unlicensed spectrum, click here.  For The Economic […]

Wireless Ecosystem

“According to the research study, the global 5G Wireless Ecosystem Market was estimated at USD 84,076 Million in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 3,88,835 Million by 2027. The […]

Fiber Ecosystem

“The ecosystem for Tribal broadband development includes more than 20 federal agencies; hundreds of local and national internet service providers; State, local, and Tribal governments; libraries and cultural centers; banks; […]