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Tribal Broadband Bootcamp


Tribal Broadband Bootcamp

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Workforce development and technician certification with the Fiber Broadband Association

The Fiber Broadband Association offers classes and certification for broadband technicians in several areas around the United States. These certifications fufill some obligations required for many grants. The classes cover […]

Digital Inclusion Coalition Guidebook

NDIA Publishes "New Digital Inclusion Coalition Guidebook" for more information, click here.

TELEHEALTH Start-Up and Resource Guide

"This start-up and resource guide was created in partnership between Telligen and gpTRAC, the GreatPlains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Center. It is intended to provide an overview and frameworkfor implementing […]

Tribal Broadband Consortiums

In order to obtain connectivity, many tribes have decided to work together and form consortiums. They pull resources, founding, and knowledge for the greater good of their communities. Here are […]

Workforce Development

Connectivity presents economic opportunities both online and in person via broadband maintenance and installation. Here you can find a Council of Economic Advisers issue brief on The digital divide and […]


Connectivity provides entrepreneurship opportunities to Native American communities. It gives communities the ability to take their trades and crafts and put them in marketable places.  “While the best-known tribal business […]

Benefits of Digital

2020 and 2021 showed many communities the importance of reliable internet connection. Many families were dependent on internet connection for distant learning and for work. However, there are many more […]

Public Safety

Connectivity can greatly enhance tribal justice systems. Connectivity aides tribal police officers, court systems, foster care facilities, aiding background checks, as well as the ability to broadcast missing and murdered […]


Telehealth is another invaluable resource, community members can easily seek virtual health services for things like diabetes control, mental health and many other crucial services our communities need. Going digital […]


As the past year has shown us, distance learning is a valuable tool. Connectivity  also presents an opportunity for tribal curriculum to be more culturally inclusive, making it easier to […]

Cultural Preservation

The internet can be a great way to engage the youth and elders with cultural preservation. It can be used to teach traditional languages. For example, the Bishop Paiute tribe […]

Intertribal Relations

Internet connectivity allows tribes to have greater intertribal relations. Sharing resources and information allows all tribal communities to grow and thrive. It gives a voice to tribes on a global […]