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Community Connect Grants


Comments for Digital Equity Grants due May 1, 2023


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Tribal Broadband Bootcamp


Tribal Broadband Bootcamp


Tribal Broadband Bootcamp

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Challenges and policy implication of bridging the digital divide for native American Tribes:A community resilience approach

Despite continuous development, Native American tribes face a digital divide with limited access to high-speed Internet. It affects communities' resilience and ability to adapt, grow, restructure, and thrive in the […]

BIA broadband infrastructure information

This resource discusses:

Tribal Broadband Bootcamp 05 Virtual Session 3 - ISP Structure and a Network Playbook

This session discusses the different divisions that are often found within ISPs, what they do, and tips for small ISPs in structuring them. Then we rapidly go over a 17-step […]

Tribal Broadband Bootcamp Virtual Intro and basics session one (1-6-2023)

This video discusses what the Bootcamp is, what we want to accomplish, and covers some basics of fiber optics, digital equity, and what the Internet.

Tribal Resource Center video series: Getting started with community needs

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Tribal Resource Center video series: Partners
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Tribal Resource Center video series: Tools for organizing your tribal broadband needs
Exploring Digital Equity Fact Sheets

The Local Institute for Self Reliance has complied a list of possible challenges issues you may encounter. The Exploring Digital Equity Fact Sheet Series unpacks the issues, challenges, and opportunities today.

Building Broadband Commons: Tools for planners and Communities

Here you can find a set of tools for community representatives to guide broadband planning at different levels from the Open Technology Institute 2014 report. Click HERE for the Building […]

CAD drawing requirements

When working with contractors to build a network you will want key network information documented and drawn. Here are some requirements that should be included.

The road to broadband: A planning guide for your community broadband network

Click here to visit the National Broadband Hub for information on "The road to broadband: A planning guide for your community broadband network".

The Next Generation Network Connectivity Handbook : A guide for community leaders seeking affordable, abundant bandwidth

This resource is directed toward community leaders seeking affordable and reliable bandwidth in their communities. It outlines best practices, summarizes existing models, and offers a advice so community leaders can […]

Roadmap to planning a community broadband

This resource from Broadband USA, provides planning steps to create a community broadband roadmap. The intention of this resource is to help communities expand broadband access locally. It aims to […]

Community engagement

This document focuses on three aspects of successful community engagement: understanding, planning, and operationalizing, and ensuring that efforts are meaningful. It also includes links to resources for communities.

Becoming broadband ready toolkit

This resource form Next Century Cities includes a guide for local governments to increase broadband investments, examples of successful community actions, and a checklist of steps that local leaders can […]

Using Google Earth to Design Your Network
2022 Tribal Broadband Bootcamp (Session 4 - Fiber)

This session take an in-depth look at fiber networks. Supporting resource:

2022 Tribal Broadband Bootcamp: Workforce training (Session 5)

This session discusses lessons from NYC Mesh, a volunteer org that had to tackle running a network on a budget and training a volunteer workforce efficiently.