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Comments for Digital Equity Grants due May 1, 2023


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Tribal Broadband Bootcamp


Tribal Broadband Bootcamp


Tribal Broadband Bootcamp

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This book is a practical guide to designing and building wireless networks in local communities written by subject matter experts who have vast experience in deploying wireless networks in the […]

Wireless internet 101

The Institute for Local Self Reliance has made this over view on the basics of wireless:

Tower Climbing safety videos

Here you can find some tower safety videos on how to insure your tower technicians are working safely. For more videos on tower safety, click here.

Wireless Networking in the Developing World

“This book is a practical guide to designing and building wireless networks in local communities, enhancing lives through improved communication, access to information for educational, social and economic growth. Its […]

DIY Wireless ISP (WISP)

This guide is focused on the very earliest stages of starting a WISP - determining feasibility up through connecting the first few customers. It includes step by step information.

Neighborhood Network Construction Kit Do-it-ourselves Guide to Community Networks

The Neighborhood Network Construction Kit is a set of documentation resources from the Open Technology Institute. Open Technology has used these tools in workshops around the world and in the […]

Setting Up The eNodeB
Intro to EPC (Evolved Packet Core)

This video provides information on EPC and the four main parts of LTE.

2021 Tribal Wireless Bootcamp (Session 6)

This session discusses LTE basics.

2021 Tribal Wireless Bootcamp (Session 5)

This session discusses wireless configuration.

2021 Tribal Wireless Bootcamp (Session 2)

This session discusses wireless and wired networks.

2022 Tribal Broadband Bootcamp (Session 2)

This session discusses digital literacy, the NDIA (The National Digital Inclusion Alliance), digital navigators, best practices for wireless and open source LTE, and business models. Supporting links\videos: Why LTE? […]

2022 Tribal Broadband Bootcamp: LTE 2.5 GHz (Session 3)

This session discusses wireless and 2.5 GHz LTE.


See LTE vs 5G: What's the difference? for the difference between LTE and 5G. For more information (including videos) see: 5G and the future of Cellular Networks from the Connect […]

LTE Frequency

What is LTE: How It Works and Why It Matters Frequency Band of 3GPP LTE TDD mode LTE frequency bands

Relay Specs

Here you can find a simple 3 page summary on how to do a basic relay setup from Althea networks.

Unlicensed Frequency

In the United States, the FCC defines regulations for unlicensed bands as 902 to 928 MHz and 2400 to 2483.5 MHz. Licensed Vs. Unlicensed Licensed Unlicensed License required to be […]

Configuring Wireless

Ubiquiti (referred to in the video) can be found by clicking here. Other great resources include: Wireless basics from Althea and the Internet Society Overcoming Density Issues in Wireless Deployments […]