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Tribal Broadband Bootcamp


Tribal Broadband Bootcamp

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Purchase list and software setup guide for tribal 2.5 GHz LTE
Example of wireless BOM (bill of materials)
Unlicensed Frequency

In the United States, the FCC defines regulations for unlicensed bands as 902 to 928 MHz and 2400 to 2483.5 MHz. Licensed Vs. Unlicensed Licensed Unlicensed License required to be […]

Configuring Fiber

For information on Configuring IP over Fiber Channel, click here. For Free Online Self-Study Courses from the  Fiber Optic Association click here.

Configuring Devices

For common hardware setups, click here. There are options for configuration tools, for an example click here. For the “11 Best Network Configuration Management Tools”, click here.

Configuring Wireless

Ubiquiti (referred to in the video) can be found by clicking here. Other great resources include: Wireless basics from Althea and the Internet Society Overcoming Density Issues in Wireless Deployments […]


Tribal communications may be the most important benefit of broadband connection. Many tribes utilize tribal websites and social media platforms to communicate with tribal members. Here is an example of […]

Working with Contractors

Tips for hiring contractors: Search for local contractors or if you want to hire Native Americans, click here. Call contractors. When speaking, be aware of the following: Do they answer […]

Setting up ISP

Many well known ISP (internet service providers) do not find it marketable to expand service on reservations or remote rural areas. Often, it is in a community's best interest to […]

Backhaul Acquisition

Backhaul is the part of the network that communicates with the global internet paid at wholesale commercial access rates for an internet exchange point or core network access location. It is the […]