Tribal Broadband Bootcamp 03 Virtual Session 2 - IP Addressing and Fiber

This virtual training video discusses some basics of IP addressing and then moves into a discussion about planning for a fiber network.

Tribal Broadband Bootcamp 03 Virtual Session 1 - Introduction and Internet Basics

This training video from the Tribal Broadband Bootcamp provides basic internet information.

Inspiring success at 2022 Tribal Broadband Bootcamp

This years first Tribal Broadband Boot camp was an inspiring success. We wish all of the attendees the best of luck on all of their broadband goals! For more information including information on how to attend the next Tribal Broadband Boot camp, click here.

Please view the following videos "Reflections on Tribal Broadband Bootcamp" :

"It's Been Amazing" | Reflections on Tribal Broadband Bootcamp
Gage Sand | Reflections on Tribal Broadband Bootcamp
Jacob Ford | Reflections on Tribal Broadband Bootcamp

Tribal Broadband Bootcamp

2022 Tribal Broadband Bootcamp (Session 4 - Fiber)

This session take an in-depth look at fiber networks.

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2022 Tribal Broadband Bootcamp: Workforce training (Session 5)

This session discusses lessons from NYC Mesh, a volunteer org that had to tackle running a network on a budget and training a volunteer workforce efficiently.

2022 Tribal Broadband Bootcamp (Session 1)

This session discusses the practices of running a network, the challenges of managing a networks, tribal projects, and available resources.

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2022 Tribal Broadband Bootcamp (Session 2)

This session discusses digital literacy, the NDIA (The National Digital Inclusion Alliance), digital navigators, best practices for wireless and open source LTE, and business models.

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2022 Tribal Broadband Bootcamp: LTE 2.5 GHz (Session 3)

This session discusses wireless and 2.5 GHz LTE.

2022 Tribal Broadband Bootcamp virtual training: LTE & Wireless