National Tribal Broadband Grant (NTBG)

The National Tribal Broadband Grant (NTBG), which funds broadband development or expansion, is now accepting applications through October 17, 2022.

Unlock Connectivity Grant

Althea announces the "Unlock Connectivity Grant 2022" for a creative approach to connectivity in challenging areas using KeyLTE, a flexible LTE Core solution. This grant will provide up to $15,000 worth of LTE radios and equipment, with supplementary design and planning services provided at no additional cost.

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Local Agency Technical Assistance (LATA) Grant Applications (California only)

The CPUC has released Local Agency Technical Assistance (LATA) Grant Applications.

The CPUC established the LATA Grant Program for eligible pre-construction work, including environmental studies and clearance, facilitating broadband network projects to areas in need. 

The Grant Applications are being accepted by the CPUC from eligible Local Agencies on a continuous basis with no set Grant deadline.

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Capital Projects Fund application directions (deadline extended)

The deadline for the Capital Projects Fund has been extended once again. The new date is October 14. For instructions on how to apply for the Capital Projects Fund for Tribes please see the following.
Link to access the application:

Instructional video on how to access application:
Click the link to take you to the application. It will open another window to login. You will be required to verify to login(follow prompts). After logging in click "APPLY FOR CAPITAL PROJECTS FUND":

Input information:

Video example for sections 4 and 5:

Submit and save a copy for your records.

Funding Opportunities

Grant opportunities through the Tribal Resource Center are currently available. If you are a tribe interested in this opportunity, please fill out the following form, and we will contact you.

Other funding opportunities can be found here: 

For a tribal broadband funding dashboard click here.