Configuring SIM Cards & Adding Users

2021 Tribal Wireless Bootcamp (Session 5)

This session discusses wireless configuration.

Purchase list and software setup guide for tribal 2.5 GHz LTE

Configuring Fiber

For information on Configuring IP over Fiber Channel, click here.

For Free Online Self-Study Courses from the  Fiber Optic Association click here.

Configuring Devices

For common hardware setups, click here.

There are options for configuration tools, for an example click here.

For the “11 Best Network Configuration Management Tools”, click here.

Configuring Wireless

Ubiquiti (referred to in the video) can be found by clicking here.

Other great resources include:

Wireless basics from Althea and the Internet Society

Overcoming Density Issues in Wireless Deployments by Gerald Thunderbird-Sky