Tribal Broadband Bootcamp 03 Virtual Session 2 - IP Addressing and Fiber

This virtual training video discusses some basics of IP addressing and then moves into a discussion about planning for a fiber network.

Tribal Broadband Bootcamp 03 Virtual Session 1 - Introduction and Internet Basics

This training video from the Tribal Broadband Bootcamp provides basic internet information.

Wi-Fi and wireless networking for community anchor institutions

The Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition suggests that supporting Wi-Fi and wireless networking for community anchor institutions is crucial. Community anchors include tribal government buildings, community centers, schools, libraries and casinos. According to the SHLB doing this will improve education, learning, and medical care. This action plan provides a series of strategies and recommendations curated by the coalition.

Roadmap to planning a community broadband

This resource from Broadband USA, provides planning steps to create a community broadband roadmap. The intention of this resource is to help communities expand broadband access locally. It aims to help communities create jobs, improve education, promote economic development, and aid essential social services via broadband connectivity.

Becoming broadband ready toolkit

This resource form Next Century Cities includes a guide for local governments to increase broadband investments, examples of successful community actions, and a checklist of steps that local leaders can take to support broadband investments.

Funding Guidance

Grant writing can be intimidating, here you can find some tips and resources to help with the process:

For the National Tribal broadband strategy, click here.

Click here for Planning and Writing a Grant Proposal: The Basics.