Gila River Indian Reservation case study

Key Themes: Reliance - Empathy - Engagement - Economy

Issues: Covid -19 - Distance Learning

Strategies: Building Funding - Building Partnerships

Forms of Access: Community


Havasupai Tribe case study

Key Themes: Reliance - Motivation - Tribal Infrastructure

Issues: Covid-19 - Distance Learning - TelaHealth

Strategies: Advocacy - Building Partnerships - Education

Forms of Access: Schools / Universities - Community


Hopi Tribe case study

Key Themes: Roadblocks - Reliance - Marketing

Issues: Low Income 

Strategies: Government  involvement

Forms of Access: Tribe owned telecommunications - everyone - household


Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe case study

Key Themes: Empathy - Marketing - Economy

Issues: employment - advertisement

Strategies: information sharing 

Forms of Access: community


Yurok Reservation