Outsourcing Best Practices

Often it is necessary for tribes to outsource (use other companies for certain projects). Outsourcing can be useful for feasibility studies, engineers, vendors, lawyers (if not working with tribal), security,  and insurance companies. Here are 8 tips to help you make sure your outsourced project is successful:

  1. Outsource the right functions most tribal communities have limited man power, determin which projects you should outsource, assess your operations/resources and identify the areas you need help with. These may include marketinglogistics, or customer service, among others.
  2. Define your goals. What do you want to achieve from this outsourcing project? Make a list of your outsourcing objectives. Your outsourcing partner will also need to understand your goals. Provide your outsourced partner with a definitive list of targets will allow both of you to be on the same page.
  3. Choose your outsourcing engagement style In select an outsourcing model to use, consider your outsourcing goals, the type of services you want to outsource, and your budget. Read more about outsourcing model types here:
  4. Work with the right outsourcing service provider
    Be careful when selecting the right outsourcing service provider. Use a checklist of what you want and expect from an outsourcing partner to guide you in finding the right one. Some factors you can consider in choosing an outsourcing partner include company reputation, tribal references , technical expertise, systems and processes, recruitment, and HR support. These pieces of information can give you an insight into the quality of work of your potential outsourcing partner. Do your due diligence. For an example of vendor due diligence see:
  5. Establish a clear communication process it is important to directly and regularly communicate with your provider regarding the project’s progress, specific priorities, and other relevant issues. Effective communication, project management tools, and periodic check-ins are great ways to keep your project on track.
  6. Define project milestones Setting and defining project milestones will guide you in achieving your broadband goals. These milestones will serve as checkpoints that will help you keep track of the tasks assigned to your team.
  7. Manage performance and don’t compromise on quality Providing feedback is an essential component of managing team performance. Make sure expectations are known and followed. Whether your outsourced team is meeting the project goals or is falling short of expectations, it is vital to let them know your assessment. Be specific in giving comments and expectations.
  8. Engage and communicate with your outsourced team Establishing a collaborative relationship with your outsourcing partner as they take on your project can insure its efficient implementation. Communication is key!