Backhaul Acquisition

Backhaul is the part of the network that communicates with the global internet paid at wholesale commercial access rates for an internet exchange point or core network access location. It is the connecting point between individuals, your ISP, and the global internet. For more information on what backhaul is, click here.

Here are a couple key terms you will need to know while negating backhaul terms:

Committed Rate is an established rate of speed that you will always get. For example, if you pay for 500mbps you should always get at least 500 Mbps, even during high volume times. (There may also be overage costs)

Burstable usage is billed according to the rate of throughput your circuit uses 95% of the time.

Things to know when negotiating terms:

  • Contracts are usually 5-10 years long
  • Beware of no resale clauses

To locate companies near you that you may be interested in purchasing backhaul form, this map may help locate fiber in your area.

To locate service providers near you, click here.

To estimate how much capacity you may need, refer to this chart:

For Solutions for Traffic Backhaul in Community Networks from the Internet Society, click here.