Broadband Resilience

Broadband and telecommunications representatives testified before a Senate subcommittee on broadband access and building resilient networks. Several questions focused on access in rural areas, public-private partnerships, the role of the Federal Communications Commission, and wireless communication issues after an extreme weather event, like wildfires. For the Senate Hearing on Resiliency of Broadband Networks video, click here.

The road to data-driven network resilience article from the Broadband Technology Report has a “five-step roadmap to data-driven network resilience” that can be found here.

For information on “Building Resilient Networks” from the U.S. senate Committee on commerce, science, and transportation and the subcommittee on Communications, Media, and Broadband, click here.

For information on the Broadband Resiliency and Flexible Investment Act, click here.

For information on Understanding Security and Resilience of the Internet from the Internet Society, click here.

Internet Resilience Index Methodology from the Internet Society, click here.